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Current Openings:

The successful candidate will join a research group investigating decision signals in the human motor system, with a specific focus on neuroimaging, and in particular magnetoencephalography (MEG) and electroencephalography (EEG). Additional techniques may include behavioural, neuropharmacological, and neurostimulation techniques such as TMS or tDCS. The Sobell Department laboratories are equipped with the latest technology for behavioural testing, neurostimulation, neuromodulation, and recordings of skilled actions. Our imaging activities are located at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging. The appointee will contribute to the on-going cutting-edge programme of research in human decision making and action selection, including research projects concerning the link between decision making, action selection and action execution, with a specific focus on the use of M/EEG to approach these themes.

The post is available from October 2014 and is funded to June 2016 in the first instance. You should apply for this position through UCL's online recruitment – - where you can download a job description and person specification using ref: 1431768. If you have any queries regarding the application process, please contact Samantha Robinson, Personnel Officer, Institute of Neurology, 23 Queen Square, London, WC1N 3BG (

Further details:

Informal enquiries about the position can be made to Dr Sven Bestmann (

For further information please contact me at

alumni of bestmannlab

miriam klein-flügge

PhD student; now a Henry Wellcome Fellow in Oxford,

friederike schuur

PhD student, then Post-doc in Larry Maloney's lab at NYU; now Program Director & Data Scientist, Insight Data Science

helen barron

PhD Student, lab rotation; currently a PhD student with Tim Behrens at the FIL

harriet feldman

PhD Student, lab rotation; currently a post-doc in Oxford

bastian söhnchen

MSc Student; Currently a PhD student at the University of Würzburg

katie fisher

MSc student; now a PhD student at Birkbeck College London

david nobbs

MSc Student; currently a PhD student at the Institute of Child Health

eleonore haussner

BSc in Psychology Student

yezen sammaraiee

BSc student

alessandro tomassini

Post-doc, now at RoweLab in Cambridge

margot tirole

MSc Student

Rosy Southwell

MSc Student

Joshua Hadwen

MSc Student, Research Assistant

Sheena Waters


Jemini Bhatt

MSc Student

Roeland Heerema

MSc Student

Wolfgang Strube

Post-doc at LMU Munich

Archy de Berker

PhD student, now working as Applied Research Scientist at Element AI, Montreal, Canada

Louise Marshall

PhD student, now working at Wellcome

Ana Carolina Saraiva

PhD student, now working at Wellcome

James Bonaiuto

Post-doc, now working at Pier Francesco Ferrari's lab at CNRS in Lyon, France

Isobel Weinberg

PhD student, now finishing her medical degree at UCL

Inge Volman

Post-doc, now a research fellow at the Wellcome centre for Integrative Neuroimaging (WIN@FMRIB)

Graziella Quattrocchi

PhD student

Simon Little

Associate Professor, UCSF

Ainslie Johnstone

Data Scientist, The Economist

Eve Gregoriou