Behaviour is the expression of movement. We study how we transform the goals of our movement into actual movement, and the processes underpinning recovery of movement after stroke.   



Funded Projects

Dunhill Medical Trust (2019-2022). "Does dose-controlled brain stimulation enhance motor rehabilitation in chronic stroke patients?"

Brain Research UK (2018-2020) PI. “Re-opening the critical period for plasticity after stroke with dose-controlled non-invasive brain stimulation”

Wellcome Trust (2017-2022). Co-PI. Wellcome Centre grant application. Reference: 203147/Z/16/Z.

BBSRC (2015-2018). Co-PI. “Non-invasive laminar electrophysiology in humans”

European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant (2011-2016). Principal Investigator. “Action Selection under Contextual Uncertainty: the Role of Learning and Effective Connectivity in the Human Brain.”

BBSRC international partnering award (2011-2015). Principal Investigator. “Establishing a trans-atlantic partnership for studying the neural networks for motor skill learning in the human brain”

Wellcome Trust Post-doctoral Training Fellowship for Clinicians (2015-2019). Simon Little "An investigation into the neurocomputational role of brain oscillations in human motor control for health and disease"

Marie Skłodowska-Curie research Fellowship (2015-2017). Inge Volman. "Emotional Actions"

The Leverhulme Trust (2014-2017). Co-PI. “Novel neurometric measures to discriminate models of speeded decision making”

BBSRC David Phillips Fellowship (2008-2013). Principal Investigator. “Biasing influence on the motor system during action preparation: a multimodal neuroimaging-computationally informed approach.

Sources of funding

Brain Research UK

Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC)

Wellcome Trust