Aug 2018 Sven will speak at the NYC Neuromodulation conference

Sven will give two talks and chair two sessions at the 2018 New York City Neuromodulation conference 

Sept 2018 New paper “Preparation of Movement” by Haith & Bestmann is now in press

Our chapter "Preparation of Movement", written with Adrian Heath, is now in press in the new 6th edition of "Cognitive Neurosciences" by Editors David Poeppel, George Mangun, Michael Gazzaniga 

July 2018 Sven is taking part in a panel discussion on Citizen Science at ESOF 2018

Sven will join a panel discussion "Citizens and science advice - challenges and opportunities of participatory science advice" at the EuroScience Open Forum 2018 in Toulouse

July 2018 New OPM paper accepted in NeuroImage

New paper accepted in NeuroImage: "Cognitive neuroscience using wearable magnetometer arrays: non-invasive assessment of language function", by Tierney T, Holmes N,  Meyer S, Boto E, Roberts G, Leggett J, Buck S, Duque-Muñoz L, Litvak V, Bestmann S, Baldeweg T, Bowtell, Brookes MJ, Barnes GR

July 2018 Welcome to our new Post-doc Carys Evans

Carys has joined the lab for a 3 year Post-doc working on brain stimulation and stroke recovery

July 2018 New paper ‘Quantifying performance of MEG source reconstruction using resting state data’

New paper "Quantifying the performance of MEG source reconstruction using resting state data" by Simon Little, James Bonaiuto, Sofie Meyer, Jose Lopez, Sven Bestmann, Gareth Barnes has been accepted in NeuroImage

June 2018 New paper accepted in PLoS Comp Biol on Pavlovian biases & Motor decisions

Our paper "Age-dependent Pavlovian biases influence motor decision-making" by Chen X, Rutledge R, Brown H, Dolan R, Bestmann, and Galea J has been accepted in PLoS Computational Biology. Great collaboration with the Galealab

May 2018 New paper on Dopamine and adaptation accepted in eNeuro

Our paper "Pharmacological dopamine manipulation does not alter reward-based improvements in memory retention during a visuomotor adaptation task" by Quattrocchi, Monaco, Ho, Irmen, Strube, Ruge, Bestmann and Galea has been accepted in eNeuro, in collaboration with Galea Lab

May 2018 Welcome to Jenny Lee, who has started her PhD with Nick Ward and us

Jenny will look at the critical window for recovery in acute and chronic stroke patients with upper limb impairment, funded by a Brain Research UK grant

May 2018 Welcome to Jenny Lee, who has started her PhD with Nick Ward and us

may 2018 new paper on Forced-Excursion Model of Decision-Making accepted in eneuro

New paper "Neurodynamic Evidence Supports a Forced-Excursion Model of Decision-Making under Speed/Accuracy Instructions" by Laure Spieser, Carmen Kohl, Bettina Forster, Sven Bestmann, and Kielan Yarrow has been accepted in eNeuro

March 2018 New paper on wearable MEG is now published in Nature

Our collaborative paper on a new wearable MEG system is now published, thanks to great work with Matthew Brookes' team in Nottingham and Gareth Barnes at the Wellcome Centre for Human Neuroimaging.

March 2018 New paper on wearable MEG is now published in Nature

August 2018 Sven will talk at the NYC Neuromodulation Meeting & NANS Summer Series

Sven will give two lectures at this year's joint meeting of the NYC neuromodulation conference and NANS summer series, in NYC

May 2018 Sven will present at the Carolina Neurostimulation Conference

Sven will present at the Carolina Neurostimulation Conference, in Chapel Hill, USA, organized by Flavio Frohlich and his group

May 2018 Sven will speak at the opening of MEG Birmingham

Sven will speak at the opening day of the new MEG centre at Birmingham Psychology

January 2018 Sven to talk at the 2018 Meeting of the minds conference

Sven will give the keynote lecture on models and brain stimulation at the Meeting of the minds conference, organized by the Imperial College Neuroscience Society

Nov 2017 New paper on methods for non-invasive laminar inference with MEG in press now

Our paper "Non-invasive laminar inference with MEG: Comparison of methods and source inversion algorithms" by Bonaiuto J, Rossiter H, Meyer SS, Adams N, Little S, Callaghan M, Dick F, Bestmann S, Barnes G is now in press in NeuroImage

Nov 2017 New Primer on Transcranial electrical stimulation in press in Current Biology

Our Primer on "Transcranial electrical stimulation" with Vincent Walsh is now in press in Current Biology, coming soon

Nov 2017 We welcome new MSc student Clarissa Bachmann to the lab

Clarissa has joined the lab to conduct her MSc research project in our lab. Check out her recent Current Biology paper on contagious jawning!

Nov 2017 New paper on tDCS and current flow direction accepted in Brain Stimulation

New paper "tDCS changes in motor excitability are specific to orientation of current flow" by Rawiji, Ciocca, Zacharia, Soares, Truong, Bikson, Rothwell, & Bestmann is now in press in Brain Stimulation.

Oct 2017 Haya Akkad and Eve Gregoriou have joined the lab

Welcome to both Eve and Haya who will work on brain stimulation approaches to motor learning and rehabilitation

Sept 2017 Sven will talk at the annual BrainDiSC conference in Freiburg

Sven will talk about models and brain stimulation at the student-led BrainDiSC conference at the Bernstein Centre, Freiburg, Germany

Oct 2017 Congrats to Isabella Varsavsky for getting a distinction for her MSc

Great achievement for Isabella to get a distinction, including her MSc thesis on tDCS and perceptual learning done in our lab...Congrats!

Sept 2017 Come to the BrainBox Initiative Conference 2017

Come to our meeting: BrainBox Initiative Conference 2017, For Non-Invasive, Multimodal, Brain Stimulation and Brain Imaging, 21 - 22 September 2017
Royal College of General Practitioners, 30 Euston Sq, London

With generous support by RogueResolutions

Find the programme here

July 2017 Jimmy will give the Wellcome Centre Brain meeting on laminar inference with meg

Can we non-invasively resolve signals from different cortical layers in humans?

Recent computational, anatomical and physiological evidence suggests that feedforward signals tend to originate in supra-granular cortex and be of predominantly high-temporal frequency content (>30 Hz) whereas feedback signals tend to originate in infra-granular cortex and are characterized by slower dynamics (<30Hz). I will demonstrate that using new recording technology, it is now possible to make frequency-specific laminar inferences with magnetoencephalography (MEG) in a spatially localized and time-resolved manner, non-invasively and in vivo. I will describe global and local analyses for making laminar-specific inferences with MEG using parametric and non-parametric measures, and demonstrate their concordance in simulation. I will then present empirical evidence from a predictive action selection task which shows that spatially resolved laminar inferences of human sensorimotor and visual induced activity can be made using MEG, attributing low frequency (<30Hz) activity to infra-granular sources, and high frequency activity (>60Hz) to supra-granular sources. Finally I will discuss potential extensions of this technique to estimate the time course of laminar activity during evoked responses.

May 2017 Louise has passed her viva!

Big thanks to Emra Duzel and Hanneke den Ouden for examining Louise, who passed without corrections. Very proud and congratulations

May 2017 Louise has passed her viva!

June 2017 Sven and Jimmy will teach a neuroscience module at Tohoku University, Japan

Looking forward to go to Tohoku University in Japan soon, together with Jimmy Bonaiuito, enabled through the UCL Global Engagement Fund, to teach a module on action, decision making and neuroimaging

June 2017 New paper on methods for laminar-resolved MEG

Our new paper "Non-invasive laminar inference with MEG: Comparison of methods and source inversion algorithms" by Bonaiuto J, Rossiter HE, Meyer SS, Adams N, Little S, Callaghan MF, Dick F, Bestmann S, Barnes GR is now available in BioRxiv

June 2017 New paper on directional tDCS effects: modelling and validation

Our new paper on directional tDCS is online as preprint in bioRxiv now: "tDCS changes in motor excitability are specific to orientation of current flow" by Vishal Rawji, Matteo Ciocca, Andre Zacharia, David Soares, Dennis Truong, Marom Bikson, John Rothwell, and Sven Bestmann

April 2017 Archy will give the Brain Meeting at the WTCN on April 28th

Archy will talk about his work at the WTCN brain meeting on April 28th: "Computation and representation in decision making and emotion"

March 2017 Archy de Berker has successfully passed his viva!

Archy withstood a barrage of question from Tim Behrens and Michael Browing, and passed his Viva successfully!

April 2017 New opinion article published in Brain Stimulation

Our new opinion article "Are current flow models for transcranial electrical stimulation fit for purpose?" on current flow models and their utility is now published in Brain Stimulation.

Jan 2017 Congrats to Ana Saraiva for passing her viva and becoming a PhD!

Ana Saraiva is now a doctor - having passed the grilling questions by her examiners Essi Viding and Bryan Strange

Jan 2017 Sven will talk about Computational Neurostimulation in Dresden

Sven will speak about "'Understanding and predicting the behavioural consequences of brain stimulation with computational neurostimulation" at the Dept Psychology, Dresden University

Feb 2017 New paper accepted in JNNP on reinforcement, motor learning and stroke

Our paper "Reward and punishment enhance motor adaptation in stroke" by Quattrocchi, Greenwood, rothwe,, Galea and Bestmann has been accepted for publication in the Journal Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry

Jan 2017 New paper accepted in NeuroImage

Our paper "Using generative models to make probabilistic statements about hippocampal engagement in MEG" by Sofie Meyer, Holly  Rossiter; Matthew Brookes, Mark W Woolrich, Sven Bestmann & Gareth R Barnes is now in press in NeuroImage

Dec 2016 New paper on choice hysteresis & computational neurostimulation accepted in eLife

"Response repetition biases in human perceptual decisions are explained by activity decay in competitive attractor models" by Jimmy Bonaiuto, Archy de Berker and Sven Bestmann is now in press in eLife

Jan 2017 Sven and Jimmy will speak at NYC Neuromodulation 2017

Sven and Jimmy will talk about the spatial resolution of TMS and computational neurostimulation, respectively.

NYC Neuromodulation 2017 will focus on technologies and mechanism for advanced brain stimulation in areas that include transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS), transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS), transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), high-definition transcranial direct current stimulation (HD-tDCS), electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), deep brain stimulation (DBS), and other emerging areas.

Oct 2016 New paper in PLoS Biology accepted

Louise's Marshall's paper "Pharmacological fingerprints of uncertainty" by Marshall M, Mathys C, Ruge D, de Berker A, Dayan P, Stephan KE, Bestmann S was just accepted in PLOS Biology

Sept 2016 Our paper on effort based decision making now published in JNeurosci

Our paper "Neural signatures of value comparison in human cingulate cortex during decisions requiring an effort-reward trade-off", with Miriam Klein-Flugge, Steve Kennerely, Karl Friston, and Sven Bestmann, has now been published in the Journal of Neuroscience. Find the open access paper here

Sept 2016 Sven will speak and chair at the TBS 2016 in Goettingen

Sven will chair the session on "Computational Neurostimulation" at the 2016 6th International Conference on Transcranial Brain Stimulation, and speak about the use of biophysical models and tDCS

New paper using cerebellar tDCS in perceptual speech decision in press now in JNP

Our paper "Cerebellar tDCS Dissociates the Timing of Perceptual Decisions from Perceptual Change in Speech", by Lametti D, Oostwoud Wijdenes L, Bonaiuto J, Bestmann S, Rothwell JC is now in press in the Journal of Neurophysiology

July 2016 Sven has presented our work on Computational Neurostimulation at CiNET, Osaka

Sven has presented our work on Computational Neurostimulation at the Centre for Information and Neural Networks, Osaka, Japan.

July 2016 Archy’s new paper “Acute stress selectively impairs learning to act” is now in press

Archy's paper "Acute stress selectively impairs learning to act", with Margot Tirole, Robb Rutledge, Gemma Cross, Ray Dolan, and Sven Bestmann, is now in press in Nature Scientific Reports

June 2016 New paper on neural basis of effort-reward trade-offs accepted in J Neurosci

Our paper "Neural signatures of value comparison in human cingulate cortex during decisions requiring an effort-reward trade-off" by Miriam Klein-Flügge, Steve Kennerley, Karl Friston, and Sven Bestmann is now in press in the Journal of Neuroscience

June 2016 Sven will present our work on high precision MEG to the StrangeLab in Madrid

Sven will visit Bryan Strange's StrangeLab at the Centre for Biomedical Technology in Madrid, to talk about our work on high precision MEG using head casts.

June 2016 Sven will give an online talk to Leo Cohen’s lab

Looking forward to our first online seminar, to Leo Cohen's group at NIH, on "Computational Neurostimulation in basic and translational neuroscience"

July 2016 Sven will present at the 31st International Congress for Psychology (ICP)

Sven will talk about "Using TMS to study the transformation from decisions to actions" in the Symposium on "Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS): a powerful tool for research in psychology and neuroscience", at the ICP in Yokohama, Japan

May 2016 Sven will speak at the Marr Club in Cambridge

Sven will speak at Benedetto de Martino's Marr Club in Cambridge, on "Towards a whole brain account of decisions for actions using high precision MEG"

march 2016 New paper on tdcs and value decisions in press in Scientific reports

Our paper "Selective alteration of human value decisions with medial frontal tDCS is predicted by changes in attractor dynamics" by Hammerer D, Bonaiuto J, Klein-Flugge M, Bikson M, BEstmann S is now in press in Scientific Reports

Feb 2016 Our paper The Evidence Information Service for evidence-based policy now in press

Our paper "The Evidence Information Service as a new platform for supporting evidence-based policy: A consultation of UK parliamentarians" by Lawrence N, Chambers J, Morrison S, Bestmann S, O'Grady G, Chambers CD and Kythreotis AP is now in press in Evidence & Policy

Feb 2016 New paper “Computations of uncertainty mediate acute stress responses in humans” accepted

Archy's paper "Computations of uncertainty mediate acute stress responses in humans" has been accepted in Nature Communications

Jan 2016 Sven and Inge are presenting at joint NTT-UCL meeting in Hon-Atsugi, Japan

Sven and Inge will present their work at the joint UCL - NTT Communication Sciences Laboratories meeting

Nov 2015 New paper accepted in Neuroimage, with Vincenzo Romei and Gregor Thut

Our new paper "Causal evidence that intrinsic beta frequency is relevant for enhanced signal propagation in the motor system as shown through rhythmic TMS" by Romei, Bauer, Brooks, Economides, Penny, Thut, Driver, Bestmann, is now i press in NeuroImage 

Nov 2015 New MSc students joining our lab

Welcome to Roeland Heerema, Jem Bhatt, and Jeff Inglis, who have joined our lab for their MSc research projects.

Nov 2015 Sven will speak at the “Updates in tDCS Clinical Trials” meeting in NYC

Oct 2015 Our four posters at this year’s SfN conference in chicago

438.18/AA11: A computational neurostimulation model of the nonlinear effects of tDCS

601.19/L41: A high resolution MEG study of predictive coding in action selection

611.19/Q11: Investigating the effect of current flow on cortical excitability using bipolar tDCS

711.08/V35: Cerebellar tdcs during speech perceptual learning dissociates the act of indicating perception from perceptual change

Sept 2015 sven has been elected as Vice chair of the young academy of europe

Sven was elected as new Vice Chair of the Young Academy of Europe at this year's Annual meeting of the YAE

Sept 2015 Alessandro’s new paper accepted in J Cogn Neurosci

New paper accepted in J Cogn Neurosci, on "The role of Dopamine in temporal uncertainty", by Alessandro Tomassini, Joe Galea, Diane Ruge, Will Penny, Sven Bestmann

June 2015 Sven is talking about Laminar-specific MEG at the OHBM15 meeting in Hawaii

as part of the symposium "Investigating Neuronal Computation in Cortical Laminae using Layer-Resolved fMRI & Electrophysiology" at OHBM15, Sven will speak about "Non-invasive electrophysiology of human cortical laminae"

June 2015 New paper by Jimmy on modelling nonlinear effects of tDCS

Jimmy's paper "Understanding the nonlinear physiological and behavioral effects of tDCS through computational neurostimulation " by Bonaiuto J, Bestmann S has been accepted in Prog Brain Res, as part of a special volume on "computational neurostimulation"

May 2015 Welcome to Rosy Southwell, who joined the lab for her MSc project

Rosy will conduct her MSc project with us, on the role of NA on perceptual learning

June 2015 Louise’s new paper has been accepted in Journal of Neuroscience

Louise's work with Paul Bays, "Evidence for optimal integration of visual feature representations across saccades", by Oostwoud Wijdenes L, Marshall L, & Bays PM., has been accepted in the Journal of Neuroscience!

May 2015 New review paper on action preparation accepted for publication in The Neuroscientist

Our paper "Transcranial magnetic stimulation: Decomposing the processes underlying action preparation" by Sven Bestmann and Julie Duque has been accepted for publication in The Neuroscientist

May 2015 Sven is talking about Computational Neurostimulation in Geneva

Sven will give the Brain and Cognition Seminar at Neuroscience Centre, University of Geneva

May 2015 New paper by Inge Volman accepted

Inge's paper "Testosterone biases the amygdala towards social threat approach" by Radke S, Volman I et al has been accepted in Science Advances

april 2015 sven is presenting at the 3rd North America Meeting on Brain Stimulation and Neuroimaging

sven will talk about Computational Neurostimulation at the 3rd North America Meeting on Brain Stimulation and Neuroimaging

april 2015 Sven will speak at the BNA 2015 meeting

As part of the symposium on non-invasive brain stimulation, Sven will talk about "Computational Neurostimulation"

March 2015 Our paper on effort discounting is now published in PLoS Comp Biol

Our new open access paper in PLoS Computational Biology can be found here

feb 2015 new paper “Binding space and time through action” accepted for publication

our paper "Binding space and time through action" by Binetti, Hagura, Fedipe, Tomassini, Walsh, Bestmann has been accepted in Proceedings of the Royal Society B

march 2015 Sven and Simon will speak at the 1st International Brain Stimulation Conference

Sven will present at the symposium "How to use Computational Models to Optimize Brain Stimulation", and Simon at the symposium on "Deep Brain Stimulation", at the 1st International Brain Stimulation Conference, Singapore

feb 2015 welcome to simon little, who has joined the lab on his wellcome fellowship

Simon has now started his prestigious Wellcome Trust Clinical Training Fellowship with us, and he will work on basic and translational aspects of beta oscillations

Feb 2015 Sven will speak at Trinity College Dublin on Improvements through neurostimulation

Looking forward to be speaking at Trinity College's Institute of Neuroscience on "Are there true Improvements with Neurostimulation?"

Feb 2015 Congratulations to Inge Volman for her Marie Curie Fellowship

Inge has received a prestigious Marie Curie Fellowship to come and work in our lab for two years. Congratulations!

Jan 2015 Sven to speak at this year’s NYC Neuromodulation meeting

Sven will talk about "How can we bridge between physiological and behavioural effects of tES?" at the NYC Neuromodulation meeting

Jan 2015 New paper accepted in PLoS Computational Biology

Miriam's paper "Behavioral Modeling of Human Choices Reveals Dissociable Effects of Physical Effort and Temporal Delay on Reward Devaluation" has been accepted in PLoS CB

Bestmannlab wishes a happy 2015 to everyone!

Happy new year to all firiends and colleagues!

Dec 2014 Programme for the Oxford Neuroscience conference is out

The list of speakers of the 2015 Magstim Neuroscience Conference in Oxford May 2015, organized by Vince Walsh, Charlie Stagg, and Sven Bestmann

new paper in Experimental Brain Research has been accepted for publication

Our paper "The uses and interpretations of the motor-evoked potential for understanding behaviour", by Sven Bestmann and John Krakauer, is now in press in Experimental Brain Research

Welcome to Sheena Waters!

Sheena has just joined our lab! She also just passed her PhD viva, examined by Heidi Johansen-Berg and Alex Leff.

Congrats to Simon Little for getting a Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Fellowship

We're looking forward to Simon joining our lab soon...

Our posters at SfN 2014

We're presenting 7 posters at SfN this year, find us at poster numbers 71.09/GG17, 84.02/NN3, 84.03/NN4, 562.03/UU88, 635.11/LL20, 644.17/RR29, 743.08/SS2

Oct 2014 New paper in Trends in Cognitive Sciences

Look out for our new paper, "Understanding the behavioural consequences of non-invasive brain stimulation", coming to you in Trends in Cognitive Sciences soon

Oct 2014 New paper accepted in MRM

New paper entitled "A novel coil array for combined TMS/fMRI experiments at 3T" accepted in Magnetic Resonance in Medicine

Sept 2014 New paper published “A Setup for Administering TMS During fMRI

Our paper "A Setup for Administering TMS to Medial and Lateral Cortical Areas During Whole-Brain fMRI Recording" has been published in J Clin Neurophysiol

Sept 2014 New PhD student Isobel Weinberg has joined the lab

We welcome Isobel Weinberg, who has joined the lab on a 4-year MB-PhD programme.

Motor Control & Rehabilitation A Collaborative Johns Hopkins University - UCL Meeting

Great JHU-UCL meeting coming up in Baltimore, with an exciting programme

Muddy Bhat & Nick Ward: “Imaging in Neurorehabilitation and Canonical Microcircuits”;     Robert Hardwick & Pablo Celnik: “Motor Physiology and Learning Early After Stroke” ;     Ricci Hannah & John Rothwell: “The Anisotropy of Motor Cortex Stimulation”;     Aaron Wong  & John Krakauer: “Abstract Kinematic Planning and Its Possible Relationship to Apraxia”;     Naveed Ejaz & Jörn Diedrichsen: "Ipsilateral Representations of Motor Skill: Epi-Phenomenon or Functional Role?";     Amir Kheradmand & David Zee: “Cortical Control of Perception of Verticality”;      James Bonaiuto & Sven Bestmann: "Computational Neurostimulation";      David Herzfield & Reza Shadmehr: "A Memory of Errors in Sensorimotor Learning";      David Huberdeau  & Adrian Haith: “Procedural Versus Declarative Motor Memory

august 2014 post-doc position available NOW!

We are looking for a Post-doc joining us to investigate decision signals in the human motor system, with a specific focus on neuroimaging, and in particular magnetoencephalography (MEG) and electroencephalography (EEG). Additional techniques may include behavioural, neuropharmacological, and neurostimulation techniques such as TMS or tDCS. The post is available from October 2014 (i.e. NOW) and is funded to June 2016 in the first instance. See details here:

august 2014 Archy’s new article coming out in Journal of Neuroscience

New Journal Club article "A role for the human substantia nigra in reinforcement learning" by Archy de Berker and Robb Rutledge coming out in Journal of Neuroscience soon

August 2014 New paper accepted in Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience

Our paper "The role of dopamine in motor flexibility" with Joe Galea has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience

July 2014 New Post-doc and PhD/RA position available

One Post-doc and one PhD/Ra position is available with Dr Kielan Yarrow at City University, on "Novel neurometric measures to discriminate models of speeded decision making", jointly with our lab.

July 2014 Sven elected to the Board of the Young Academy of Europe

Sven got elected to the Board of the Young Academy of Europe, as Chair of the Life Science domain

July 2014 New paper accepted in NeuroImage

Our new paper "Discrimination of cortical laminae using MEG", with Luzia Troebinger and Gareth Barnes, has been accepted for publication ini Neuroimage. 

May 2014 Talk at the Amsterdam Brain & Cognition Centre

Sven will speak about "Decisions for Actions", hosted by Tobias Donner

May 2014 Magstim Neuroscience Conference in Oxford

This year's Magstim Neuroscience conference is approaching fast, organised by Vince Walsh, Charlie Stagg and Sven Bestmann. Find the programme here

April 2014 Miriam has passed her viva!

Congratulations to our former lab member Miriam Klein-Flugge, who passed her viva and is now a PhD, with Prof Vince Walsh and Dr Mark Walton being the examiners. 

April 2014 New journal club article in Neurology

Graziella's journal club article "Possible role of the basal ganglia in poor reward sensitivity and apathy after stroke" in press in Neurology

March 2014 talk at Brain & Spine Institute in Paris

Sven will talk about "Motivation and Action" at the Motivation Brain Behaviour Unit

March 2014 New paper in J Clin Neurophys

"A setup for administering TMS to medial and lateral cortical areas during whole brain fMRI recording" by De Weijer AD, Sommer IEC, Bakker EJ, Bloemendaal M, Bakker CJ, Klomp DWJ, Bestmann S, Neggers SFW accepted in J Clin Neurophys

March 2014: Neurofinance meets neurorehab meeting in Vitznau

Sven spoke about "Motivation and Action"

March 2014: Sven to speak at the brain & spine institute, paris

Sven will give a talk entitled "Motivation and Action"